Why is Resort-Style Living a Better Option for Retirement?

Posted on 04/09/2021

Are you looking for a great community that’ll allow you to stay active in your retirement life?

A lot of people hear the term “retirement community” and automatically move on to the next option. There’s this stigma that retirement communities are cold, lonely, and will make a person feel older than their years. The senior generation is more active than past generations, and luxury retirement communities have built homes that reflect that fact.

Hotel-inspired living is the ideal option for those who reject dull, basic senior living. Why settle when you can build an active life in a luxury retirement community?

Let’s talk about why resort-style amenities are the ideal option for your retirement. Scroll down to read more.

Beautiful Temperatures

Are you tired of cold weather, being snowed in, and not enjoying outside activities during the cooler months? While there’s no doubt the changing leaves and blankets of snow are beautiful to look at, you can always travel to experience them in all their glory. Instead, live somewhere that offers sunny skies and warm weather year-round!

When you live in a luxury retirement community, you can experience the benefits of a warmer climate no matter the season. While you may not be able to be a beach bum every day, you can still take a walk around the community and participate in outdoor activities without the need to warm your fingers, toes, and nose afterward.

If you find yourself missing a particular season, take a quick trip to see your friends and family! When you come back, you can enjoy the sun on gorgeous outdoor walking paths, lounging on your patio or balcony, or during one of the many senior living community social activities planned every month.

An Active Social Life

There’s currently a loneliness epidemic affecting our senior citizens, leading to mental health and physical health problems.

When you’re living in a community that doesn’t provide many opportunities for socializing and engaging with other residents, it’s hard to make and build new connections. There comes an age when many senior citizens choose not to drive, making it even more difficult to spend time with friends who may not be close by.

In a luxury retirement community, however, opportunities for new friendships come with as part of the deal. You’ll find a wide variety of activities planned within the community every month to help keep your social life thriving.

Looking to do something off-site? Attend one of the pre-planned outings or use the transportation service if it’s available.

While you’re staying home, you’ll also find enough things to do that you may never want to leave the community. The social calendar is packed with resident mixers, wine tastings, holiday parties, and more! At a luxury senior living community, the staff is dedicated to helping you socialize and build friendships with the other residents living within the community.

It’s always a good time to make new friends, regardless of your age. Is there any better place than within walking distance of your luxury retirement community?

Space for Privacy

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the everyday hustle and bustle to enjoy some peace and quiet. A typical retirement community can often feel small and cramped, and you can feel overrun with people stopping by to check on you.

In a resort-style retirement community, you’ll discover ample space to relax and find some quiet without being interrupted by anyone. Get pampered at the on-site spa, find a worship service, or just take the time to relax in your room with your favorite book or new game.

Finding space for yourself is a lot easier when you’re living in a resort-style retirement community. And that space gives you the opportunity to socialize when you want or self-isolate when you need some peace and quiet.

Top Fitness Options

Getting older does not need to be synonymous with feeling older, and we need to change that stigma. While yes, you may start to notice lower mobility, new aches, and pains, or even stiff joints, staying fit in your older years can keep your body from feeling older.

Here’s why. Strength training and cardio are great for building or maintaining muscle, reducing fat cells, and keeping your core strong for better support. When you combine all of those, you’ll find you can maintain (or improve) your mobility. A senior living community that helps your reach those physical fitness goals is paramount to maintaining your mobility.

A resort-style retirement community will help you get there with the different health and fitness options they offer to keep you moving without being bored with the routine.

Great senior communities will offer a variety of options, including a relaxing pool for low-impact workouts that won’t overly stress your joints. Or, find a group of fitness buddies to try the different fitness classes available and keep yourselves accountable in- and outside of class.

Gourmet Food Options

Why sign up for bland but nutritious food for your senior years when you can have variety and tasty food at a luxury retirement community?

High-end dining means the food is delicious, packed with nutritional value, and options are regularly changing. When you’re living in luxury, you can eat the way you like to. Whether that means eating out with the other residents or having the food brought to your door, you’ll have trouble finding time to try everything.

An Active Mind

Concerned about a lack of mental stimulation in your new community? Learning doesn’t stop when you retire, nor should it. Luxury senior living communities recognize that and build programs that give you plenty of opportunities to learn new skills or refresh old ones.

Yes, games are fun with friends, and you can always research on the internet. However, there’s something to be said for taking a new class, and at a luxury retirement community, they’re offered right on-site. Learning helps your brain stay engaged, improves memory and keeps you happier, healthier and sharper.

Living at a LivGenerations community gives you access to a wide variety of mentally stimulating activities like guest lectures and on-site lifelong learning programs. In addition to that, you can immerse yourself in the art world and create unique pieces for your home or pick up new facts to show off the next time your friends or family stop by.

You’re retired. It’s the perfect time to learn something new.

Do You Come Home to Luxury?

Take a look around your home or apartment building. Reflect on how you feel when you see the space. Does it remind you of the luxury resort feeling you get when you’re taking a much-needed vacation?

Don’t leave the luxury experience behind. You should be comfortable in your private space as well as when you’re out in the community.

Is there a pet that’s a part of your family? Furry companions can often move with you when you choose luxury retirement living. In addition to that, your dog can make new friends of their own during their time at the Bark Park.

Does being in the kitchen bring you joy? You’re in luck! Upscale retirement living means having the option to use the full-sized modern kitchen to create your favorite dishes for yourself or to share. When you’re not in the mood to cook or clean up, visit one of the gourmet dining options available to you.

Are hot tubs calling your name? Enjoy time in a comforting jacuzzi and relax away your worries and stress. The high-end amenities are available around the clock, bringing the lifestyles of the rich and famous (or an experience like that) right to your retirement community door.  

It’s the middle of the night and you need help. What do you do? When you’re living in a luxury senior living community, you don’t stress and call the concierge that’s available at all times.

Reward Yourself with Resort-Style Living

It’s your retirement life! Don’t get stuck in the same basic senior living home or retirement community. Choose resort-style living for a low-stress lifestyle catered to your needs.

Retirement is the perfect time to provide a spark for your social life, keep you active and moving, and indulge in great food. Most of all, it’s time to have fun! You’re done working, so let everyone else do the worrying and revel in retirement living! Are you ready for it?

At LivGenerations, we pride ourselves on putting together a luxury, resort-style experience for all of our residents. Give us a call to set up a tour of your future community. We can’t wait to hear from you!