Things to Look For In Your New Retirement Community

Posted on 04/08/2021

When you've spent your entire life working and saving so you can retire well, you deserve to find a retirement community that seems more like a luxury resort than a basic place to sleep at night.

With your kids raised and out of the house, what better way to give yourself a reward than to find a home that feels like a vacation every day?

When you're looking to live a carefree life in comfort, luxury retirement communities are the go-to option. Over the next several paragraphs, we'll analyze what the dream retirement community can offer and the little details that make it feel luxurious. Let's keep going.

Luxury Amenities

Luxury retirement communities come with luxury on-site amenities, including spa services, fine dining opportunities, gorgeous architecture, and more. Paying attention to the little details will help you find the best of the best in upscale senior living.

What type of details should you be looking for? Look to see if the furniture is quality and cared for or banged up and damaged, if the staff provides stellar service, and if the dining options provide a quality menu. You're looking for five-star hotel quality amenities and service in your resort-style retirement community.

Senior Health Focus

Upscale amenities aren't all you're looking at, either. Luxury senior living means a focus on senior health – both physical and mental. When touring, look to see what fitness opportunities are available to you on-site.

The high-end fitness center should have more than basic gym equipment for your fitness needs, like fitness classes or a saltwater pool. This shows the community knows residents have different preferences for staying active, and they're invested in helping seniors stay fit in their retirement years.

Classes and learning programs are another great way for luxury senior communities to invest in senior mental health. Some upscale retirement communities bring in guest lecturers in addition to classes to learn about new topics and build new skills.

Outdoor Nature Walks

You deserve to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life after your long career in the workforce and raising children. Connecting with nature on leisurely strolls is a great way to wind down and give your brain a mental break. When touring luxury senior communities, look to see if they incorporate outdoor walking trails and beautiful nature to look at. Connecting with nature is vital for our mental health, and research has proven it.

Nearby Gourmet Dining Options and Shopping Centers

When your friends and family come to visit, you'll want a community that has restaurants, shopping, and other things to do close by. A multitude of dining options and luxury shopping centers are great for when you need something fun to do and a change of scenery to pass the time.

Day and Night Staff

Retirement should be synonymous with relaxing and enjoying life, not worrying about home repairs and maintenance. Round-the-clock staff and helpers are a must for anyone looking for a resort-style retirement community.

Maids, nursing staff, and grocery delivery services are a must for many upscale senior living communities. Take advantage of this high level of service to allow yourself the freedom to enjoy a stress-free life in retirement.

Accessibility Features

Why build upscale amenities in a luxury retirement community and leave part of your residents out? Be sure to ask if the luxury senior community you're touring takes accessibility and aging residents in mind when they build and design their amenities.

You may be thinking, "I'm fit and healthy now. I don't need to worry about accessibility." But the fact of life is the unexpected can happen either now or years down the road. Making sure your future home is wheelchair accessible will mean you can stay in one place as you age.

Also, consider asking if they offer disabled parking and working elevators that are up-to-code. When a community considers all of its residents' potential needs, it is truly standing out as a luxury retirement option. When the retirement community is as inclusive as it can be, they're also saying they care about their residents and them not feeling left out.

Active Social Life

Residents in a luxury senior living community expect more than your basic book clubs and bridge. While those activities can be a fun way to build new friendships with like-minded individuals, an array of activities – even ones residents haven't tried before – bring variety to your retirement life. LivGenerations offers many opportunities to interact and have fun, including:

  • Mixers on the Panoramic Sky Deck
  • Infusions Wine Cellar hosted wine tastings
  • Tea Parties in the Silk Tassel Tea Room
  • Friends and Family get-togethers
  • Game Nights in the Behind the 8 Ball game room
  • Classes for those who enjoy art in the Mosaic Art Studio
  • Dinner parties
  • Legends Theater movie nights
  • Musical entertainment
  • Outings to local events

Intergenerational Activities

Mixing the youngest and wisest of our society brings an added happiness boost for all involved, which is why many luxury retirement-living communities are bringing joy by hosting intergenerational events.

In addition to happiness, seniors who interact with youth are less prone to falls, perform better on memory tests, and expend more calories than those who don't connect with children.

On the flip side, children who connect with elders are less likely to do drugs (46% less likely to be more exact) and have better communication and problem-solving skills than others their age.

A Bright and Varied Community of Peers

For a lot of us, the people who live in the senior community are more important than all of the luxurious amenities they provide. After all, what is luxury living without friends to enjoy it with?

A small part of the appeal of a luxury community is surrounding yourselves with retired professionals and like-minded individuals. Finding a community of individuals you can connect with, who enjoy similar interests can elevate your lifestyle by being your true self.

High Tech Is Not All Bad

While technology can be frustrating, it powers a lot of modern-day life. That's why it's imperative to have technology in your luxury retirement community. Top-quality security systems and closed-circuit video camera monitoring can help ensure resident and staff safety. High-speed WiFi in every building will help you download new books and games, as well as video chat with your friends and family without glitches and pauses.

You'll also discover the possibility of tech classes to help you get up to speed on things like social media, texting, chat speak, and internet research at some luxury retirement facilities.

A Variety Living Options

Some of us are looking for more help with options like assisted living or more specialized care, like memory care. Regardless of if you're looking for independent living or specialized help, upscale senior living communities should have options to accommodate the lifestyle you're looking to live.

LivGenerations offers everything from assisted living to independent living, and more in-depth memory care, and more.

The independent living options give residents the ability to choose their own schedule and participation level. You'll also have access to transportation services to explore outside of the community if you're not able to, or up to, driving.

For those with memory disorders, memory care living offers compassionate and dignified care programs centered around the resident and helping them thrive. Memory Care gives families the peace of mind they seek when it comes to caring for their elder family members.

Looking for a more holistic approach to being your personal best? Elevato is specifically tailored to help you enhance all areas of life, all while enjoying being in a luxury community.

CARF Accredited

How can you tell if a retirement community is one of the best out there? Check to see if the senior living community is CARF accredited. This accreditation requires communities to be well-maintained and comfortable, safe and secure, and that they make their residents the top priority.

Part of the accrediting process is a strict peer-review screening of the luxury retirement community, focusing on management, activity, and service standards. When you see the CARF badge, you'll know the community passed a rigorous screening process, that the staff is dedicated to providing great service, and that you'll be living comfortably in a community where you can thrive.

Searching for a Resort-Style Retirement Community?

Luxury retirement communities are your best bet for living without a care in the world. Hopefully, this brief guide gave you some guidance on how to find the best retirement community for you and on what makes a community stand out above the rest.

When you've worked hard your entire life so you can retire to a life of ease, finding a luxury retirement community that feels like a high-end resort is paramount. You deserve to live in luxury. What better way to do so than to find a home that feels like a vacation every day?

Schedule a visit with a LivGenerations community to see what a luxury senior living community with CARF Accreditation is like.