Retirement Communities Vs. Home Healthcare

Posted on 05/21/2021

When do you make the decision to transition into an active adult or retirement living community? Do you wait for the point when home healthcare isn’t working and have to adjust to a brand-new environment on top of health concerns? Or do you jump in feet first into a life of new friends and opportunities?

Luxury senior living communities can provide so many more opportunities for leading a fulfilled life in your senior years than aging at home. If you find yourself stuck in the middle on whether to choose home healthcare or an active senior living community, let us share the benefits of retirement living with you below.

Surround Yourself With Community

Making new friends as we age is not easy. In fact, it seems to get harder the older we get as there are fewer and fewer opportunities for meeting new people in general. The friends in our lives move, and sometimes life gets so busy that we drift apart. Sometimes family gets too caught up with kids’ activities to check in often or don’t live close by.

Without the opportunity to socialize and have relationships, the chance for loneliness increases. Studies have shown that loneliness in seniors can contribute to a number of mental and physical health problems, including anxiety, depression, and even dementia.

When you hire a home healthcare worker, they can provide some companionship and social interaction, but not as much as you would get living in a luxury retirement community. Having access to an active social calendar allows you to choose when and how you build a community of friends and acquaintances. Even if you’re using assisted living services for your senior healthcare, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with others who share similar interests, enjoy mealtime with others, and sit and visit with a variety of people on an ongoing basis.

We live to exist in groups; it’s part of who we are as humans – and this need to have others in our lives remains in our senior years. Building a group of friends to engage with regularly is important for your mental and physical health – and finding that connection right in your active senior living community makes it easier to keep up the friendships.

Remain As Independent As Possible

For as long as we have our independence, it’s difficult to lose the ability to do things for ourselves, even if it’s just one or two things we can no longer do. Home healthcare may seem like the option to provide more independence, but that’s not always the case.

If you require assistance with everyday activities like dressing, bathing, and getting around, it can be hard to get around your home. A typical home is not built with aging seniors in mind and often has to be retrofitted with assistance devices like shower handles and taller toilets. In addition, most doorways are too narrow for wheelchairs, and stairs are dangerous and difficult to get around. Unfortunately, homes are not built for the purpose of helping aging seniors.

Resort-style retirement communities create a better environment for seniors to remain independent and mobile. Each home and all community areas are created to lessen the challenges seniors face. Compassionate caretakers are around to assist in any way they can, but residents also have the ability to venture into community rooms or outside for some fresh air and sunshine.

Access to Transportation

There comes a point in time when driving isn’t a possibility anymore – whether by personal choice or doctor recommendation. Driving can be difficult when there are cars flying by, or it’s dark out. When you’re not able to drive yourself, you’re often left relying on friends and family to get from point A to point B. This adds another challenge to maintaining friendships and warding off isolation and loneliness.

Living in a resort-style senior living community means having access to transportation services to venture around the neighborhood amenities and community events.

Stay Safe and Secure

We bring in outside assistance to keep ourselves or our loved ones safe doing regular daily activities. However, if someone isn’t on-site all day every day, there’s still the possibility of a health emergency occurring when someone isn’t there to help, or forgetting the stove is left on or a candle is lit.

When your home is in an active senior community, assisted living options are available so that caretakers are available if something were to happen. Someone can respond quickly in the event of an emergency and get you the help you need on-site or at the nearby health facility.

Luxury retirement living means being safe, secure, comfortable, and well taken care of.

Resort-style Amenities

Does your home remind you of staying in a beautiful resort? While home healthcare workers are able to provide you with the care you need, they cannot turn your home into a resort.

When you live in a luxury retirement community, you’ll live every day like it’s a vacation with five-star amenities at your fingertips.

A full social events calendar gives everyone from the social butterfly to the wallflower the opportunity to meet new residents and find others with similar interests. Enjoy yourself at afternoon tea, indulge in a wine tasting, listen to live music, and get lost in the story at movie night.

Get your regular dose of Vitamin D with sunshine and fresh air on a private balcony or patio, or while taking a stroll on beautiful walking paths, or float in the pool and jacuzzi.

Cooking is an option, not a requirement. Luxuriously appointed kitchens are waiting for you to use in your home. Choose to bring a gourmet meal back to your place when you want some peace and quiet. Or, you can make dinner a social event by eating in the community dining rooms.

When it’s time to get your hair and nails done, get pampered at the on-site day spa.

Stay Active in Your Senior Years

Let’s face it, working out at home isn’t nearly as productive as at a fitness class or gym. When you’re living at home, it’s harder to keep up the motivation to stay active. Regular activity throughout your senior years is important for physical and mental health. Building muscle mass and keeping moving helps maintain mobility, decreases aches and pains, and can help boost your mood.

Resort-style retirement living is about finding the fitness activities that fit your lifestyle. Whether you want a traditional gym workout with high-end fitness equipment, low-impact workouts in the pool, brisk walks among nature, or group fitness classes with your friends, the choice is yours.

Consistent Care

As your care needs increase, living at home gets more and more difficult. So while it may seem like the most comfortable option, you may end up adjusting to health changes and a new environment at the same time.

Living in an active senior living community allows you to keep the same environment while increasing your level of care. Retirees have the option of starting in independent living and transitioning to assisted living or memory care neighborhoods if needed.

More Options for Care

While reviewing your different options for care, look into whether your homecare professionals have more experience than the retirement community. Many times, the caregivers in your luxury retirement community have the experience you’re looking for, as well as the ability to work as a team to provide a better care experience for every resident.

Having more members on your team, like at a luxury senior community, means a faster response when you need assistance.

Are You Ready to Make the Move to a Luxury Retirement Community?

When you’re ready to make the switch to resort-style living in your retirement years, give our team a call at (480) 462-0938. Our team will talk to you about the level of care available to you and give you a tour of the beautifully appointed home options as well as the plethora of amenities in the community. Chose to live every day like it’s a vacation. Chose to liv your way.