How Would It Be to Live In an Active Living Community?

Posted on 12/20/2021

The finest retirement communities combine the amenities of home with the convenience of staying in a resort. Because the community takes care of most maintenance and other chores, you will have more leisure time. Who wouldn't want to spend less time on housekeeping, yard maintenance, and home repairs? Especially since it allows you to focus on your interests, pursue a healthy life and socialize with your peers.

Many alternatives exist in an active retirement community. Your retirement lifestyle may differ from that of your neighbor. Interested in looking at how another person's retirement life compares to yours? Let's pay a visit to three people living in a luxury retirement community. These are made-up characters, but they provide a glimpse into the many possibilities open to you once you find the right setting for your active retirement.

Living in an Active Retirement Community

Elijah: A Path to Wellness

Elijah is an early riser. He enjoys walking in the early-morning hours when the birds are chirping. On this well-maintained route, there are only a few others, but each curve offers something beautiful to behold. He listens to an audiobook on occasion. Sometimes he just appreciates nature's beauty fully naked.

Elijah prepares a modest breakfast in his living room. He then reads or meditates before joining the game room with the other residents. Despite being somewhat of an introvert, he recognizes that social isolation is detrimental to older people. He likes to play cards and games in a low-stress setting with others.

Elijah's lunch is his biggest meal and his favorite. He goes to an on-site restaurant that serves lots of fruits and vegetables, including fresh seafood or lean cuts of meat. He understands the importance of eating the right foods for his physical and mental well-being.

Elijah has a quick nap after lunch before heading to his afternoon classes. He is a strong advocate of lifelong learning, and his community offers classes and lectures on a wide range of subjects. He's always discovering something new that piques his interest.

Elijah enjoys going to the pool and a few laps before dinner. Then it's time to go to bed early. ‌Elijah thinks about the many things that await the next day, and promptly finds restful sleep with a smile on his face.

Emily: Enjoying a Fulfilling Social Life

Live in an Active Retirement Community


When her friends began relocating, some of them moving closer to their families, she was concerned. She was afraid she would be lonely if they moved away. That's why she searched for luxury retirement communities like LivGenerations. She understood that the hectic social schedule could enable her to meet others.

For breakfast, Emily likes to eat with her new friends. She then returns to her room and makes a call to either a family member or an old friend. She prefers video calls because she can see their faces. Her community's technology classes have been beneficial to her socializing. They've made keeping in touch so much easier!

It's time for her group exercise class now. At the gym, she encounters a new group of friends. They like listening to music and performing low-impact workouts. Then it's time for lunch. Emily has worked up some hunger, but she knows her favorite lunch spot will provide nutritious meals that satisfy her cravings.

Nearby shopping venues and restaurants are accessible at Emily's luxury retirement community. She and a friend frequently go on an afternoon excursion. Her community provides transportation.

After spending the day shopping, they find a place for an early dinner. Then it's back to the deck to have a glass of wine before heading to bed.

Oliver and Chloe: Enhancing Married Life

For many years, Oliver and Chloe have been married. They considered senior living when they decided their enormous home was too much for them. They wanted to live independently, but they realized they might need assisted living in the future. They felt that a luxury community like LivGenerations would be ideal for them.

Because their neighborhood provides a wide range of dining alternatives, meals are simple for Oliver and Chloe. When Oliver wants steak, and Chloe desires comfort food, they can both have what they crave.

Oliver has some health issues, but Chloe is at ease knowing that a fantastic medical center is nearby. Also, if something goes wrong, assistance is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She can leave Oliver to watch his favorite sports in the apartment while she enjoys more active pursuits.

At the fitness center, Chloe enjoys riding on the exercise bikes. She has always been a fan of arts and crafts, so she goes to the arts studio frequently. She also likes spending time with her friends in the afternoon. When her community hosts movie nights and themed dinners, she and Oliver go together. ‌

Oliver and Chloe have children and grandchildren close to their community who are welcome to participate in special activities. These gatherings provide wonderful entertainment, beautiful décor, and delectable food. Everyone is grateful for the staff's creativity and attention to detail.

Make Your Own Experience

Live in an Active Retirement Community


Are you more like Elijah, Emily, Oliver, or Chloe? You're probably a mix of characteristics that aren't found in anyone else. A first-class retirement community will certainly provide you with the amenities and cutting-edge facilities that you deserve.

Luxury retirement communities like LivGenerations offer a vibrant lifestyle for individuals interested in independent living. And, if you need any additional assistance, our assisted living alternatives provide you with the freedom to live a trouble-free existence that is rich and gratifying.

Take the chores out of your everyday life and then consider what you could do instead. You may pursue your hobbies and passions, as well as develop new interests. In addition, you may accomplish all of this without having to leave your community, with like-minded individuals at your side.

You'll be able to live your best life in a luxury senior living community like LivGenerations. Isn't it time you learn more?