A Healthy Retirement Consists of Activity and Senior Mindfulness

Posted on 05/14/2021

Health and wellness are an important aspect of living a fulfilled life at any age but are especially important as we age. No matter the stage of life we’re in, a positive mindset and physical activity can make a difference in how content we are with life.

In the senior years of life, having an active, healthy, and well-rounded retirement lifestyle provides several benefits. By providing holistic health for seniors, both physically and mentally, active senior living communities are saying the residents’ well-being is a priority. While there are a variety of benefits for people of all ages, we’ve narrowed down the top eight for seniors to subscribe to a holistic health program.

1. Reduced Illness

It seems that the beginning and later years of our lives are filled with worrying about getting sick because our bodies can be more vulnerable to illnesses and the side effects they cause. While there is no little magic pill that acts as a cure-all for avoiding getting sick altogether, physical activity can reduce the risk overall.

Adopting a holistic approach to senior healthcare is vital for incorporating movement into everyday life – including walks, fitness classes, or swimming in the pool. Focusing on exercise and movement helps boost the immune system.

Being physically active increases the blood flow through the body, which allows the body a better chance at fighting off illness before it gets too serious. If you do happen to get sick, most of the time, being in good physical shape will keep the downtime minimal.

While this is true for everyone, being in your senior years makes it even more important to use physical activity to help boost your immune system.

2. Enjoyable Hobbies

It’s easier to enjoy your hobbies when you’re more active – especially if those hobbies involve any kind of physical exertion, like hiking or swimming. Throughout our lives, we tell ourselves we’ll get to do the fun things when we have more time. But what happens if you’re not physically able to do them because you haven’t been keeping up with your physical health? You should be spending your retirement years creating new experiences and immersing yourself in the things you really want to do.

When your home is in an active senior living community, there are compassionate team members on hand to help you, as well as systems and programs to make sure you can still do the things you love. These trained care workers are there to make sure every resident has enough energy to do what they want and remain injury-free. What’s something you’ve always wanted to try?

Holistic health senior living communities create ample opportunity to engage with other residents and find those who have similar viewpoints, including group fitness classes and musical entertainment. These connections take senior living to another level of fulfillment, joy, and contentment.

3. Improved Mood

Physical activity has long been linked with improving feelings and moods, which is an important benefit for seniors, their loved ones, and their caretakers to keep in their minds.

In the later years of our life, it can be harder to keep up with an active social life and maintain friendships and genuine connections of the past. This makes it easier for feelings of loneliness and anxiety to creep in. Added to that, the stress of taking care of a home, yourself, and your health, it’s a lot for anyone to handle. Helping your body produce the chemicals it needs to keep you positive and happy is beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Another good practice to add to your active senior lifestyle is senior mindfulness. Paired together, they can create positive feelings and a sense of peace within oneself. Residents at a holistic health community for senior living will also have access to guided meditation, stress-reducing practices, and therapy. Attending some of the group guided meditation classes is a great place to make new friends with people who have similar interests as you.

4. Improved Memory and Recall

It’s not abnormal to start experiencing memory loss and recall issues as the body ages. This can lead to feeling out of control, which is a very overwhelming and possibly scary feeling. Good news! There have been a lot of activities and practices that have been shown to slow down or prevent this decline.

The brain and the body are completely interconnected to the point there’s a significant connection between a person’s physical activity and the strength of their memory. Exercise is more than a means for keeping your body healthy; it keeps your mind healthy as well.

Social interactions are another important piece of mental health and memory. Taking part in conversations with others on a day-to-day basis will provide much needed stimulation for the brain. This stimulation is the exercise the brain needs to stay fit and keep the neuro-pathways for memory building and recall in good repair.

5. Authentic Relaxation

True, authentic relaxation is just as important as physical and mental stimulation. With a holistic healthcare approach for seniors, both active and downtime are taken into consideration. At an active senior living community, you can plan when to be active and when to relax, so you can have as much or as little as your body needs.

Working on your whole self through social activity, senior mindfulness, physical fitness, and relaxation provide a balance for yourself that could result in fewer visits to your doctor. While regular check-ups may still be needed and encouraged, you may find yourself feeling better and with fewer symptoms of ailments. In addition, you’ll discover fewer stressors when you can decide to cater in gourmet meals when you don’t feel like cooking, take the shuttle instead of driving, or even call someone to handle maintenance and cleaning in your home.

6. Positive Mental Health

Mental health is such an important part of a holistic health approach for everyone, and it’s more recently taking a front seat in conversations about health and wellness. Physical health and mental health are so tied together that it’s important to keep a close eye on both of them. Creating an environment for seniors to thrive means providing the services they need to feel content in their everyday life.

Holistic health for seniors is all about creating a community where everyone can liv purposefully with the connections and things they need for all areas of their lives. Seniors have the option to retain as much independence as they can for as long as they possibly can and to get the help they need when they need it.

Fostering connections with others who are in a similar stage of life is also extremely beneficial for maintaining positive mental health. Yet, it can be difficult to find those people you can talk to and be open with. Active senior living communities are full of others in a similar position to build lasting relationships with.

7. Ongoing Learning

A fulfilled retirement life can be more than hikes and hot tubs. While mobility and relaxation are both great for your physical and mental well-being, challenging your mind with something new is a great way to grow. When life has been too busy with work and family activities in the past, retirement allows freedom of time to pursue topics of interest.

Exercise your mind with activities aimed at teaching something new. A holistic senior community provides ample opportunity to build our skills through ongoing education classes and lecture series, time to read or listen to a new book, and even hands-on art classes.

By finding a new class, or new book, seniors can break up their daily routine and be excited about what’s to come.

8. Stronger Relationships

As care needs increase and our loved ones step in to help, it can be hard to keep the line between the caregiver relationship and child relationship from blurring. Oftentimes, caring for a parent can cause tension and negative emotions on both sides.

While it can be a tough decision to make, moving to an active senior living community that provides a multitude of care levels for residents can help reinstitute the boundary and keep the relationship as parent and child. When loved ones can step out of the caregiver role, they can spend more time just enjoying hanging out and enjoying the company.

Relationships and time spent together are more important than any other thing in life. Being in the best environment for those relationships to continue to thrive should be high on our list.

Benefiting from a Holistic Retirement Life

With working years in the past, it’s time to enjoy retirement for what it is--a time to make new friends and learn new things. An active retirement community will give you more time for the fun and carefree life you deserve.

Living in a retirement community in Gilbert means more options for social interaction, finding new hobbies, and discovering new things. On top of the variety offered for daily life, medical attention and compassionate caregivers are available to help when needed.

Make the choice – liv your way at LivGenerations Agritopia. Call us to schedule your personal tour and see what makes us a premier senior living community in Gilbert.