How to Build Your Ideal Social Life at LivGenerations

Posted on 09/12/2022

There is an abundance of studies that show the importance of an active social life for seniors. They often list benefits such as these:

  • Your mood improves. Research shows that we laugh 30 times more often when we are with others than we do when alone. Laughter is a great mood booster and stress reliever, and it's even good for our bodies.

  • You're more physically active. When you have friends to do things with, you move more. And that translates into better sleep and improved health.

  • You're more mentally active. Talking with others challenges our brains to retrieve old information and process new data. That's important to prevent cognitive decline.

But you don't need a lot of statistics to prove the benefits of a healthy social life. You've probably already discovered that you feel better and are happier when you have a social network.

Even if you know the importance of social connections, making them isn't always easy. Resort-style living can help. Have you met interesting people while cruising or vacationing? Perhaps you enjoyed interesting conversations with others over dinner or drinks. You may have met friendly people while sightseeing, playing trivia, or taking an exercise class. When you live in a resort-style community like LivGenerations, these connections can turn into real friendships. Here's how to build your ideal social life in an exciting setting.

Make the Most of Everyday Activities  

Everyone has to eat, so why not enjoy social interactions while you relish a delicious meal? LivGenerations retirement communities offer multiple dining options that make sharing a meal easy and fun. There's nothing quite like food to put everyone in a good mood and spark conversation.

If worship is an important part of your week, LivGenerations communities offer non-denominational services. Social engagement follows naturally when you worship with others. You'll enjoy an improved social life while feeding your spiritual side.

Try Something New  

If being socially active doesn't come naturally, taking a class may help. Learning activities are natural icebreakers. Perhaps you'd like to try watercolor, or you want to learn about wine. A learning buddy or two can ease your way. Friends who already know something about the subject can be helpful. You can also find other newbies and learn together! At LivGenerations, you can choose from:

  • Wine tastings

  • Art classes

  • Fitness classes

  • Lifelong learning at LivGen University

  • Guest lecturers

LivGenerations residents aren't limited to onsite activities. They can take advantage of planned outings or use transportation services to explore nearby places of interest.

Get Fit With Friends  

Health experts say seniors should get some exercise most days. It's great for your mental and physical health. Exercising with others can take the "work" out of "workout" and make it fun. Do you love to walk? Walk with a friend, and the miles will fly by. LivGeneration communities provide varied opportunities for seniors to stay active while enjoying socialization.

Find Your Opposite  

You may be comfortable with those who are like yourself, but hanging with like-minded souls can limit your social circle. If you're a bit of an introvert, making friends with an extrovert will put you in the middle of the action. If you are the outgoing one, seeking out those on the edges of the circle can expose you to new ideas and perspectives.

You can also expand your world by looking at different activities. If you've always been a mover and a shaker, you may find that a calming yoga class is just what you need. If you consider yourself a non-athlete, you may find that you shine in an exercise class. You're not the same person you were in your twenties and thirties. Explore the person you are today.

Share Your Love of Animals  

If you have a pet in your family, you already know how pets enrich the lives of their owners. You may not have thought about the natural bonds between pet owners. Do you love to talk about your furry friend? Other pet owners will listen and respond with stories of their own. LivGenerations communities are pet-friendly and feature a bark park that makes it easy to meet other pets and their humans.

Tap Into Technology  

Although you may prefer socializing in person, there will be times when your health requires that you stay at home. At LivGenerations, you'll have plenty of help learning to use technology. When going out isn't an option, you can keep up your social connections. You can FaceTime or Zoom. You can play games online with friends, use social media, or just enjoy messaging back and forth.

At LivGenerations communities, your family members aren't left out of the picture. They'll be welcome to visit and participate in special events. But the friendships that are so important for seniors will thrive first and foremost. You can avoid the social isolation that plagues some seniors. Discover the delights of resort-style living while building your ideal social life. You'll be glad you did.